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15/7/2020 ICONS

1/12 scale Juzo Inui Action Figure


Item Description

1000toys presents Juzo Inui from "No Guns Life" as a 1/12 scale action figure, the latest addition to our "ICONS" brand which focuses on licensed property release based on popular IPs from around the world !

The distinctive gun-shaped head which is a trademark trait of the Gun Slave Unit, and the inner frame used for this product were designed carefully by CAD. The product comes with a coat made of actual cloth, and also the mini-sized cyborg "Lefty" which can be used to replicate many of the scenes from the anime series.

As a bonus feature, Juzo's trademark cigarette "Tanegashima" is included in sticker form. The sticker can be rolled up for Juzo to hold it in his hands in order to re-create the hard-boiled taste of the series.

As a bonus, 1000toys will be offering this item at a special rate of $110.00 for those who pre-order through our online store! Don't miss this chance!

*Attention for customers in Russia:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, arrangements in delivering items to the Russian Federation is currently at a difficult state, as Japan post has halted outgoing deliveries for EMS and also SAL. Please be advised and try designating alternate addresses, or please order from other online shops that provide international delivery to Russia.

(c)カラスマタスク/集英社・NGL PROJECT

US$ 110.00
Orders Open
170 mm
Lefty, Interchangeable Hand Parts, Tanegashima Sticker
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