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15/7/2020 ICONS
1/12 scale Juzo Inui Action Figure
1000toys presents Juzo Inui from "No Guns Life" as a 1/12 scale action figure, the latest addition to our "ICONS" brand which focuses on licensed property release based on popular IPs from around the world !

The distinctive gun-shaped head which is a trademark trait of the Gun Slave Unit, and the inner frame used for this product were designed carefully by CAD. The product comes with a coat made of actual cloth, and also the mini-sized cyborg "Lefty" which can be used to replicate many of the scenes from the anime series.

As a bonus feature, Juzo's trademark cigarette "Tanegashima" is included in sticker form. The sticker can be rolled up for Juzo to hold it in his hands in order to re-create the hard-boiled taste of the series.

As a bonus, 1000toys will be offering this item at a special rate of $110.00 for those who pre-order through our online store! Don't miss this chance!

*Attention for customers in Russia:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, arrangements in delivering items to the Russian Federation is currently at a difficult state, as Japan post has halted outgoing deliveries for EMS and also SAL. Please be advised and try designating alternate addresses, or please order from other online shops that provide international delivery to Russia.

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14/1/2020 Hellboy
1/12 Abe Sapien Action Figure (Standard Ver.)
SOLD OUT $80.00
From Mike Mignola's Hellboy comic series, 1000Toys presents a fully articulated 1/12 scale Abe Sapien figure! Developed to capture the touch of Mignola seen in the original art without giving up anything in articulation, this is the Abe Sapien action figure that fans have been waiting for! Along with an assortment of interchangeable hands, spear gun, knife and pistol, this Previews exclusive Abe Sapien figure includes Abe's vest with the BPRD logo emblazoned across the back!

Note this item will not be availale through 1000toys web shop and is available through many online stores world wide.

※Please note the Hellboy seen in the pictures is sold separately and will not be included with this product. ※※The Rasputin statue included in the Dark Horse Direct Version is not included.
14/1/2020 Hellboy
1/12 Abe Sapien Action Figure (Dark Horse Exclusive)
SOLD OUT $119.99
Dark Horse Direct, creator Mike Mignola, and 1000Toys are back and proud to introduce the next member of the B.P.R.D. with Abe Sapien! As a follow-up to our best-selling 1/12th scale Hellboy Action Figure, this fully articulated Abe Sapien 1/12th scale action figure stands at approximately 6” tall and features removable vest, interchangeable hands, pistol, spear gun, and knife. The pistol and knife can be holstered on Abe’s belt when not in use. As a Dark Horse Direct exclusive, this figure will also include the archenemy of the B.P.R.D., a separate non-articulated Rasputin figure!

Note this item will not be availale through 1000toys web shop and is only available through the following shops
Dark Horse Direct (
Toy To Art (
Note: Toys to Art will ship only inside Japan.

※Please note the Hellboy seen in the pictures is sold separately and will not be included with this product.
19/8/2019 RIOBOT
RIOBOT Iron Giant  (Battle Mode)
SOLD OUT $110.00
【Product available through most major toy retailors】 'The Iron Giant' from the classic 1999 animated movie is back as a fully articulated die-cast toy! This Battle Mode version comes with the arm weapon seen in the movie! Built solid with abundant usage of die-cast but designed to be highly articulated and joints sturdy enough to hold poses, this will be the masterpiece toy that all fans of Iron Giant have been waiting for ! Note : The BATTLE MODE Ver. will not come with the interchangeable head and teeth parts included with the Standard Ver.
19/8/2019 RIOBOT
RIOBOT Iron Giant
SOLD OUT $120.00
【Product available through most major toy retailors】 From the 1999 animated film "The Iron Giant," here comes a Riobot figure of the giant robot with a heart of gold who befriended the boy Hogarth! Carefully designed to reproduce his retro appearance, the Iron Giant is equipped with advanced points of articulation to make him extremely poseable and able to adopt all the iconic poses seen in the film -- sitting, lying down, squatting and more!